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Asha Cottage is a beautiful corner of paradise in a world full of challenges. For this reason, we try to find ways of giving back to the communities that host us. Asha Cottage regularly donates funds and supplies to select organizations working to help people and the environment and we encourage our guests to participate when they can. We have embarked on a number of “green” practices and are always looking for ways of reducing the environmental impact of Asha Cottage. At Asha Cottage we make a very strong and committed effort to respect and protect nature.

educationThe Asha Cottage Educational Fund
We believe first and foremost in education and in keeping families together. Our biggest commitment by far lies with the Asha Cottage Educational Fund. All staff of Asha Cottage are entitled to apply for an education grant to help them keep their children in school, and preferably, close to them here in Coast province. The Fund covers costs relating to admission, tuition, examinations, and school meals. The amount received by each child is determined by his or her school grades on a term by term basis. We replenish the fund yearly, but welcome any and all donations to help us out. Many children currently benefit – with more donations we can go beyond the gates of Asha Cottage. Please ask us for more information about this initiative if you are interested in helping out.

The Diani Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (DCCCP) is a non-profit community-based organisation helping children with cerebral palsy and their parents. It was created to fill the gap in services available to the public affected by this condition. As and when possible, Asha Cottage supports the DCCCP with donations and helps raise awareness and funds to support poor families and children affected by CP. Financial support helps ensure that more children have access to medical, occupational and physiotherapy treatments and helps parents with children affected by CP interact, support each other and share lessons and experiences. Please let us know if you would like to help or contact the centre directly by email on ekimaru@dianicccp.org or visit their website www.dianicccp.org.

Collecting sun creams for albino children
If you have left over high-protection sun cream that you do not need at home, please leave it with us. We collect it and take it to our local charity shop, which then distributes it to albino children in the area. Without sun cream protection they are at very high risk of developing fatal skin cancers. There is a little basket on the main verandah where you may leave your tubes and bottles of sun cream.

snorkellingAt Asha Cottage we make a very strong and committed effort to respect and protect nature. We have embarked on a number of “green” practices and are always looking for ways of reducing the environmental impact of Asha Cottage.

We try to recycle waste as mush as possible and metal scrap, plastics and plastic drinking bottles and glass are donated to local collectors who forward them to recycling plants in the country.

Water is scarce in Kenya. During the rains, we collect rainwater from the roofs via an intricate network of hidden pipes. We can store up to 180,000 litres of rainwater. Shower and tap water are obtained from an underwater stream that flows further inland (it is however treated and safe for brushing your teeth and showering) – and all of our hot water is heated using solar energy.

snorkellingThere are four monkey species at Asha Cottage: the Blue Sykes, the Black-faced Vervet, the Angolan Colobus and the Bush Baby. The Colubus are purely vegetarian and very peaceful, but Sykes and Vervets eat anything they can and are not afraid of humans. It is important to remember you should NOT FEED THE MONKEYS. They may become aggressive!

The fish ponds are full of life. Goldfish, Guppies, Angelfish, Bala Sharks, Oscars and bottom-feeders abound. The ponds are balanced ecosystems. There are also a lot of birds, including Weavers, Silver Cheeked Hornbills, Drongos, Starlings and Willie “Wagtails”, among others. A selection of wildlife books is available on the main verandah.

Shells and marine life. Help us protect our marine environment! When you are out swimming and snorkelling, please be careful not to walk on the corals and not to take any shells or coral pieces out of the water. What you see in the water should stay in the water.