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Fighting blindness

The Kwale District Eye Centre hosts and is involved in exciting Fundraising events throughout the year. Some of our main events are:

Diani Rules – Diani Rules is a Charity sports event raising funds for Kwale District Eye Centre with fun and games on the Kenya South Coast. Teams representing companies from both Kenya and abroad, many from different business backgrounds come to participate, to help with the organisation or simply to watch and be part of the fun. Visit Diani Rules website for more information

Eye Go Game Spotting – EGGS is raising money by holding Kenya’s unique “eye go game spotting” competition in the Lumo sanctuary and its surrounding area. Teams will have 30 hours to spot the animals of the area, the more unusual the higher the value. The team with the most points will be declared the winner.

These event never fail to provide hours of entertainment – for a great cause. Read below reports for more details on the amazing results these events have had.

Kwale District eye Centre: EGGS CAMP REPORT

EGGs have supported Taita Eye Centre in the past and this was the 3rd Camp since Taita Clinic was opened.

Eggs Camp started with a prescreening on 26th and 27th February 2014.Our Community Based Facilitator Elijah did the pre -screening in all the 6 venues. These were Bura Health Centre, Godoma Primary, Mwakitau Health Centre, Mrughua
Dispensary, Mwanda Health Centre and Mgange Health Centre. The reaction towards the exercise was positive and this was so encouraging both the patients and the Eye Care teams.

This camp was attended by Toyota Kenya who were the main Sponsors of EGGS – 2013 Fundraising event, volunteers from APDK, KWS, Sarova Hotels, Lionsbluff Lodge,Lumo Community Officials and Taita Eye Centre.[/vc_column_text]

The screenings were done on 28th Feb to 1st March 2014. We had planned to start the screenings at about 8am to 1pm for the 2 days. This however did not happen as vehicles arrived at the clinic around 8am and the venues were far off, thus most screenings started at 9am and closed around 2pm. Patients arrived at the clinic after 2.30pm and surgeries were delayed.

The Camp was such a success as we managed to see a total of 860 patients, Issued 487 drops and done 49 surgeries in two days. All the participants gave their all to make this happen.

We had 3 vehicles, 2 from Kenya Wildlife Services and 1 from Sarova Hotels during the screening and these ferried patient back after the camp ended.

After surgery, patients need to be educated on how to take care of their eyes. Elijah and Vera are passing this information to our patients. It’s a very interactive session as patients ask questions which help the rest of the team understand better. When patient understand how to care for the eye then healing process becomes easier and post complications are avoided.

[mk_table style=”style2″]

Screening Venue Patients Seen Serious
Identified &
Not Done
Bura Health Centre 201 15 13 2
Mwakitau Health Centre 147 8 5 3
Godoma Primary 90 8 8 4
Mgange 163 9 8 3
Mrughua Dispensary 124 8 7 1
Mwanda Health Centre 135 15 12 3
Totals 860 63 49 14

Reasons for Non performance of surgery on the 14 were other related medical conditions.

Patients were so grateful for the support and a chance to see again! On behalf of Taita Eye Centre we wish to thank our sponsors and partners who enabled us to undertake the exercise in helping the Community access eye care services. We look forward to doing more eye camps and reaching other areas too.

Thank you all!

Diani Rules Report”

Sports on the Beach solve Blindness

Over the years Diani Rules has raised an astonishing Ksh14, 293,030 for Kwale District Eye Centre!

With this we have built up from being a small one-roomed clinic to a large Eye Centre offering affordable comprehensive ( ie helping people whose sight cannot be restored) quality eye care with a strong grassroots community arm.

We have now registered over 72,000 new patients at the Centre, a further 320,000 in the field, performed 30,000 eye operations, of which 3,368 were funded by Diani Rules directly through our Poor Patients Fund.

This fund enables us to treat anyone who needs help.. even if they cannot pay.

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