What to do… at The Blue

The DEEP Blue – Diani Blue enjoys immediate access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A place of silver sands, year-round clear-blue waters and tropical palms, it is part of the famed Swahili Coastline. Unlike any other, and thanks to the unique mix of African, Arabic and Portuguese people who live along it, the Swahili coast offers sun, sand, endless water-sports, deep sea fishing, dolphin watching, five species of sea turtles, whale-back sharks, humpbacked whales and one of the world’s most varied coral reefs. It also offers a unique selection of ancient cultural sites; mosques and age-old Swahili towns; a vibrantly colourful cuisine; a wide range of marine parks, wilderness reserves and nightly entertainments for all tastes.

Sailing the Blue
Our traditional dugout canoe or Ngalawa is available for the exclusive use of our guests. It accommodates 4 adults and offers a range of snorkeling equipment. Departure times and hire charges are provided on the Diani Blue Notice Board, adjacent to the lounge.


Diving the Blue
The Indian Ocean coast features some magnificent dive sites and a wide selection of dive centres, which cater for complete beginners and experienced divers alike. It is also possible to do a ‘fun dive’ where no experience is required and a guide takes you down to 6 metres. Due to the Indo-Pacific current, the Indian Ocean boasts the same fish species as Australia: manta rays; reef, hammerhead and whale sharks; turtles and multi-coloured reef fish in coral gardens. Wall and pinnacle dives with dramatic drop-offs together with wreck, drift and night drives are also We can arrange a wide range of deep sea diving excursions including certified PADI diving courses and wreck diving. Divers must carry internationally recognized accreditation both PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) are acceptable.

Fishing the Blue
East Africa is a Mecca for deep-sea fishermen, many world and all-Africa records being held in Kenya. There are six types of billfish in Kenyan waters, striped, blue and black marlin being the main species together with sailfish, swordfish, sharks, wahoo, yellow fin, tuna and dorado. Kenya operates a ‘tag and release’ system. Boats typically depart in the early morning, trawl for bait and then head out to the deep water to wait for the big catch. The fishing season is August to March (billfish season from November to March).

Blue Marine Park Excursions
We can arrange a variety of trips to the local Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, where tours take place on a traditional Swahili Dhow. Dolphins and whale shark/humpback whale sightings are a regular occurrence.

The Green above the Blue
Just a short drive from Diani lies the Shimba Hills National Reserve and the adjacent Community-run Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary. For more information click here

The Kaya Kinondo
Visits can be arranged to the local Kaya Kinondo (Sacred Forest) where informed local guides offer insights into the ancient ancestral beliefs of the local people.

Diani Blue is adjacent to one of the Kenyan coast’s finest golf course, the Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort, which offers a championship golf course (18-hole, par 72, course measuring 6084 meters with driving range, chipping green and bunker, resident golf professional, equipment hire and Pro shop. Please contact our Guest Relations Officer for information on booking and green fees.

Quiet Pursuits
Diani Blue offers a bridge table, cards, chess, backgammon and other games, darts and a library.

Wildlife watching at the Blue
Three species of monkey are resident at The Blue: the Blue Sykes, the Black-faced Vervet and the Angolan Colobus. We also have a resident population of bush babies. Please do not feed the monkeys as this disrupts their natural behavioural patterns. Our fishponds are home to Goldfish, Guppies, Angelfish, Bala Sharks, Oscars and bottom-feeders. And our garden provides a sanctuary for a wide selection of birds to include weavers, silver cheeked hornbills, drongos, starlings and wagtails.

Diani Beach
The settlement of Diani backs the length of the bay and offers: a number of shopping malls, numerous restaurants and bars, a number of supermarkets and an exceptionally wide choice of: banks, medical clinics, dentists, chemists, nights spots, travel agents and more. For further information please consult our guest relations officer. For more information click here


Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park
Considered by many to be one of the best marine parks in Kenya the 28sq km Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park lies to the south east of Wasini Island and offers excellent diving and snorkelling. The Kisite coral reefs, one of the most complex eco-systems on the planet, are around 3-4km long and include staghorn, brain, mushroom and pencil species. There are also 250 recorded species of fish including colourful butterfly, parrot, rock cod and angelfish as well as a broad selection of sea urchins, cowrie, starfish and crabs. Dolphin are also common as are large shoals of bonito and frigate mackerel. Nearby Shimoni is also home to many families of porpoise. For more information click here

Kenya’s second city, Mombasa lies just 50 kms north of Diani and is easily accessible. For full information on the cultural, historical, wilderness and marine options available there click here

The Wakuluzu Colobus Trust
Formed January 1997 to protect the Angolan black and white colobus (Colobus angolensis palliates) whose numbers were severely threatened by the destruction of large areas of forest and the busy road traffic of the coastal strip, the Colobus Trust is based at Colobus Cottage, which also offers an information centre plus a nature trail and guided walk. The trust is 3.7km south of Diani. For further information please consult our guest relations officer.

Funzi Island
A small island about 35km south of Diani, Funzi features mangrove-fringed shores, extensive areas of forest, crocodile spotting trips up the Ramisi River and dolphin tours around the bay. For further information please consult our guest relations officer.

Wasini Island
Wasini Island is just off the coast of the Shimoni Peninsula, and is totally undeveloped, unspoilt and untouched by civilisation, the perfect place to experience the Swahili culture. If offers Muslim ruins, coral gardens, wooded walks, snorkelling, dhow trips, limited accommodation and traditional Swahili cuisine. For further information please consult our guest relations officer.

The Shimoni Slave Caves
Shimoni means ‘place of the hole’ a reference to the 5 km of silted-up caves, which are thought to have been used for storing slaves prior to shipment to Zanzibar. Tours of the caves demonstrate the metal rings in the rocks to which the slaves are thought to have been shackled and the now silted-up passage, which once led to the slave ships. For further information please consult our guest relations officer.

Diani Beach

About Diani Beach

About Diani Beach ‘Where there are breakers, there is also a door through the reef’  – Swahili Proverb South of Mombasa, across Likoni Creek, lies a magnificent sweep of silver sand, sapphire sea and waving palms. The southerly part of Kenya’s stunning Indian Ocean coastline, which runs 700 km between the Tanzanian and Somali borders, …

Activities Pricelist

  Activity Cost in US $ Swimming/snorkeling on our Ngalawa Cost per person $15 PADI Dive Courses Per hour Per day   $ $ Windsurfing per hour $ Kite surfing per hour $ Kite surfing lessons $ Glass boats per hour per person  $ 25 Day trip to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park inclusive of picnic …


Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park

Enter an enchanted underwater realm An enchanted realm of living coral gardens, sculpted islands, wheeling seabirds and sparklingly clear seas, this world famous Marine Park promises an underwater world of unbelievable colour, discovery and vibrancy. “What to do” Islands in the stream The Park, which was established to protect the scenic islands and special habits …

Mommbasa old town


About Mombasa Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and lies on the Indian Ocean. Located on Mombasa Island, it is a major port and hosts an international airport. At the top of the hit list is the magnificent 16th century Fort Jesus, a Portuguese bastion that broods over the harbour and has a …

Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills National Reserve

About Shimba Hills National Reserve Last of the coastal rainforests…sanctuary of the sable antelope Floating a misty-cool 400 metres above the palm-fringed beaches of Kenya’s glittering coastline, the Shimba Hills National Reserve offers a unique blend of wood-cloaked downs, wandering elephant, breeze-fanned hills, plunging waterfalls, liana-strung jungle and the primeval stillness of one of the …

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