Indulge, abandon, revitalize

Indigo at Diani Blue is an intimate wellbeing centre located in a timbered Thai chalet, which looks out over the sweep of the bay and offers a comprehensive range of relaxation and rejuvenation treatments performed by trained professionals and using all natural ingredients.

Treatments include: a range of massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, wraps, facials, scrubs, manicures, pedicures and grooming options for both men and women.

Indigo is open to non-residents. Call 0723 644945 or 0705 479 146 for appointments.

Relax, rejuvenate … revive

Clean and Care | 55 min  |  Ksh 3,000
When spending time close to the sea, your skin is exposed to salty humid air more than in any other environment. Dust, salt and humidity combined can block your pores and cause a build-up of impurities. Enjoy a relaxing, nourishing and moisturizing cleansing and exfoliating treatment with our pure botanical extracts of blueberry and lavender which sooth and relax the skin. Truly a wellbeing treatment for every pore.

After Sun | 55 min  |  Ksh 3,500
As warm and pleasant as our sun can be, extended exposure can dry out and damage your skin. Treat yourself to a cleansing, nourishing and soothing facial using an entirely natural selection of fresh fruits and vegetables like banana, carrot, papaya and avocado. A sensational, entirely natural treatment that will hydrate your skin and restore its natural balance.

Anti-Ageing | 55 min  |  Ksh 4,500
As we age, the naturally occurring collagen and elastin that keep our skin youthful and taut start to degrade. This treatment helps your skin regenerate and defend itself against the daily attack of free radicals and antioxidants. Our line of Black Iris infusion products delivers deep hydration and protection, diminishing fine lines and strengthening your skin’s natural elasticity.

The skin is our body’s largest organ and in many ways it is a mirror of our wellbeing. Pamper yourself with one of our full-body purifying treatments that will leave you feeling soft, fresh and invigorated. Purifying and calming, enjoy an hour of pure relaxation.

Body Wrap and Massage | 90 min  |  Ksh 5,000

Body Scrub and Massage | 75 min  |  Ksh 4,500

Body Scrub | 45 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Aromatherapy | 55 min  |  Ksh 3,000

Swedish Massage | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Foot Reflexology | 45 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Sunburn Treatment | 45 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Back Neck and Shoulders | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,500

Indian Head Massage | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,500

Indulgence Ritual | 180 min  |  Ksh 6,500
Start your wellbeing package with a creamy Indigo cappuccino coffee before settling down for a Clean and Care facial treatment and an Indian Head Massage. Enjoy a meticulous manicure and end with a non-alcoholic fresh fruit cocktail at the Edge Beach Brasserie.

Deep Indulgence Ritual | 360 min  |  Ksh 11,500
Take it one step further with our Deep Indulgence package. Enjoy all the Indulgence package treatments then break for a crisp Chef Salad lunch and medley of fresh fruits at the Edge Beach Brasserie. Resume your wellbeing session with a soothing Aromatherapy massage and close with a lovely pedicure.

Jetlag Repair Ritual | 110 min  |  Ksh 5,000
Revitalize with a Clean and Care facial treatment followed by a tension-releasing deep-tissue Swedish massage.

Top-to-Toe | flexible  |  Ksh 8,500
Enjoy a relaxing Indian Head massage and a deep-tissue Swedish massage. Pamper your feet and body with the healing touch of a foot reflexology treatment. Choose colours to match your mood with a manicure and pedicure.

Book yourself a course of treatment

A set of five Swedish massages | Each 55 min  |  Ksh 11,000

A set of five aromatherapy massages | Each 55 min  |  Ksh 13,500

A set of five reflexology sessions | Each 45 min  |  Ksh 9,000


Manicure & Nail Art | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Manicure & Paraffin Treatment & Full Polish | 75 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Manicure & Polish | 55 min  |  Ksh 1,500

Manicure & French Polish | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Re-varnish only | 25 min  |  Ksh 800


Pedicure & Nail Art | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Pedicure & Paraffin Treatment & Polish | 75 min  |  Ksh 3,000

Pedicure & Full Polish | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Pedicure & French Polish | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Re-varnish only | 25 min  |  Ksh 800

Full legs | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Half legs | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,500

Full arm | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Half arm | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,250

Back wax | 55 min  |  Ksh 2,000

Bikini or underarm | 25 min  |  Ksh 2,500

Upper lip or chin | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,000

Eyebrow tweezing | 25 min  |  Ksh 1,000

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